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Company Product medication Safety Clip Rugged Easy ID IM IV IO IN Waterproof Safe Needle
AMT AMT 1.0 mL Ketamine + + + + + +
Meridian AtroPen Atropine
Pfizer CANA Diazepam
Kaleo EVZIO Naloxone +
Merck Rebif® Rebidose Interferon +
Meridian EpiPen Epinepherine + + +
Amgen Enbrel Etenercept +
Kaleo AUVI-Q Epinepherine +
Amneal Adrenaclick Epinepherine
AbbVie Humira Adeliamumab +
Multiple Suppliers Morphine Sulfate Morphine

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Ketamine Use In Prehospital & Hospital Treatment

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Why Hasn’t This Been Done?

DoD medical providers have asked “Big Pharma” for a decade to provide a pre-filled Ketamine injector for battlefield analgesia. Ketamine is a generic medication and has limited upside for large pharmaceutical companies as a stand-alone medication.

AMT sees the opportunity for a highly reliable pre-filled injector for use with multiple medications. Our military network and team of subject matter experts provide a solution that will save lives on the battlefield and in emergencies.

This is the mission of AMT and represents a significant market opportunity.

Veteran Leadership

Our Special Forces military and civilian founders with first-hand field knowledge and experience, know that lives could have been saved with this technology – and will be.

The initial focus is the delivery of life-saving medication in emergency military and civilian pre-hospital care with the long-term goal to replace all syringes, vials, ampules for all targeted generics.

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