Mark Pursel

Vice President – Manufacturing


Mr. Pursel is an injection molding and material thermodynamics expert, as well as a designer of automation systems, and is co-inventor of key AMT technologies. Mr. Pursel has over 30 years of experience in invention, design, rapid-prototyping, development, manufacturing, and high-speed manufacturing of precision medical devices and is also expert in robotic design and automation systems for manufacturing. Mr. Pursel is a material science specialist, from ceramics to plastics to foams/rubber, as well as ferrous, non-ferrous, and super alloys metals. Mr. Pursel employs additive manufacturing (i.e. 3D printing), subtractive manufacturing using custom machining and including CNC systems, electro-chemical machining, and Laser and EDM systems. Mr. Pursel also uses destructive and non-destructive testing processes in design, prototyping, development and manufacturing to include performance testing, validation testing, stress testing, and environmental testing of tools and parts. His designs and tooling deliverables often require he hold tolerances specified at 1/10,000ths of an inch at 68°F in tooling to assure the highest quality final production injection molded parts, given specific thermodynamic behaviors of the mold and the final product. Mr. Pursel’s past titles include Machine Designer, Prime Engineer, Principal Engineer, Consulting Engineer, R&D Engineer, and Product Engineer.

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