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Our innovative design allows it to be quickly and easily converted to intramuscular, intranasal, intravenous or intraosseous use. This provides the necessary fast-acting medication administration that is critical in emergency medicine situations. No other injector on the market has this capability.



As self-administration needs of medications are booming, the flexibility and ease-of-use of AMT autoinjectors mean improved care, increased treatments and expanded usage for higher drug sales.

ideal design for all markets

With a simple design and fewer parts, Action Medical Technologies’ autoinjectors are easy to use for all ages. Healthcare corporations can expand product offerings and tap into competitive markets to boost sales. 

Competitive Landscape

Superior Design & Performance

Company Product medication Safety Clip Rugged Easy ID IM IV IO IN Waterproof Safe Needle
AMT AMT 1.0 mL Ketamine + + + + + +
Meridian AtroPen Atropine
Pfizer CANA Diazepam
Kaleo EVZIO Naloxone +
Merck Rebif® Rebidose Interferon +
Meridian EpiPen Epinepherine + + +
Amgen Enbrel Etenercept +
Kaleo AUVI-Q Epinepherine +
Amneal Adrenaclick Epinepherine
AbbVie Humira Adeliamumab +
Multiple Suppliers Morphine Sulfate Morphine

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Ketamine Use In Prehospital & Hospital Treatment

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opportunities for growth

AMT sees the opportunity for a highly reliable pre-filled injector for use with multiple medications. With that goal in progress, our autoinjectors could ultimately improve medication adherence and simplify self-administration to offer pharmaceutical corporations the ability to expand product differentiation in competitive treatment markets.

innovative Applications

The initial focus is the delivery of life-saving medication in emergency military situations, first responder and civilian pre-hospital care with the long-term goal to replace all syringes, vials, ampules for all targeted generics. This will allow corporations to expand treatments with autoinjectors to reach new markets for increased sales and distribution.

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