Barbara Horton

Chief Financial Officer


Ms. Horton has over 25 years of deep financial experience across multiple industries. She has guided medical products companies, worked with company vendors, suppliers, and on U.S. Government contracts to assure premier financial performance, accuracy in reporting, allocation of funds, as well as safety and stability from the Controller’s office to funds management in the Treasury functions. Ms. Horton also leads investment finance compliance per SEC regulatory requirements and detailed work with legal teams, tax accounting processes and banking teams, all to assure proper design, planning, compliance, control and reporting regulatory filings of all transactions and financial reports and requirements. Ms. Horton also created detailed budget and forecasting and cash-flow designs for proposed government contracts including direct, indirect, capital and other costs. Ms. Horton excels on the operations side of AMT’s business where her industry experience includes pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, industrial supplier businesses and management, new product development processes and vendor management, as well as distributor management and retail sales to shepherd multiple medical devices to market. Ms. Horton earned a university degree in accounting and a masters degree in business.

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