Lt. Col. (RET) Andrew Contreras, DPT

Co-Founder/Senior Vice President – Military Medicine


As an AMT Co-Founder and co-inventor of key AMT technology, Lt. Col. (RET) U.S. Army – Dr. Andrew Contreras has unique emergency medical experience, as was required when serving with the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne, where he had to simultaneously triage over 50 Warfighters who had been wounded in two simultaneous IED attacks. After multiple tours in Iraq, he is one of the few medical professionals world-wide who has direct experience treating chemical weapon attack casualties. Dr. Contreras has over 20 years of medical experience including his eight years working at the White House medical unit. Dr. Contreras is a PT, DPT and an APTA Board Certified Sports Medicine Clinical Specialist as well as a sought after author, prime investigator-researcher, teacher, instructor, and speaker. In addition to his Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees, he is a registered Emergency Medical Technician, a Board Certified Clinical Specialist, and has completed dozens of specialized U.S. Military medical training courses ranging from the specialty treatment of burns, and multiple-traumas, to orthopedic therapies. Dr. Contreras has practiced at facilities including the DiLorenzo Tricare – the Pentagon, the Womack Army Medical Center – Fort Bragg, NC, and the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. He was also deployed with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team / 82nd Airborne Division – Tikrit, Iraq and has been relied upon to treat the President and Vice-President of the United States while assigned to the White House Medical Unit. He has been awarded numerous military service badges and medals.

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